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Important Info About Lead Tests In MO Schools

District takes action to address water quality

This summer, the district is addressing water quality issues in order to safeguard the health of students, teachers, and staff members.

In July, water samples taken from every water fountain, faucet, and other water outlet in the district’s six schools were tested for lead. The majority of the 500+ samples contained lead amounts within the EPA guidelines; of the 140 samples above the EPA guidelines, just a handful were from water fountains, kitchen equipment, and other sources that provide water intended for consumption. Most of the positive samples came from sink faucets.

The buildings and grounds department is in the process of installing new aerators and hardware where needed to remediate the most pressing issues, and new tests will be conducted. 

Before the start of school on September 5, any water outlet that possesses a lead level above the EPA actionable level of 15 parts per billion will be labeled with a sign that reads “Do Not Drink – Safe For Handwashing Only.” 

To ensure that students and staff have access to clean and safe drinking water, this past spring the district replaced the electrically-operated water coolers in all schools with new models that contain carbon filters which purify the water of lead and other contaminants. The coolers display alert signs when the filters need to be replaced.

The state board of education mandated school lead-testing in July 2016 in the wake of the Flint, Michigan water crisis which raised concerns about children being exposed to lead in drinking water.

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