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posted: Mon, Nov 13th, 2017

Alumnus success: Katerine Dolan shares advice to current students

Ms. Katherine Dolan, a Mount Olive High School alumnus and member of the Class of 2017, walked back through the halls of MOHS and reflected on her education here. Katherine took advantage of all the opportunities and resources available at MOHS, including being a member of the Robotics team for four years and taking classes in the MILL her senior year, and now she is attending Seton Hall University, where she is studying Communications.

Katherine's advice to current students is, "Take writing seriously here. The English teachers here really prepare you for writing essays in college. That's all you do in college regardless of what you major in." Katherine said that even her friends who are in the computer science field who spend much of their day learning to code and use the technology, also have papers to write for their comp sci classes.

Katherine went on to say, "Even if you don't have to write in your major related classes, the general ed classes you have to take as a freshman are all writing." She also said that she hasn't had many traditional exams, such as multiple choice, and even the exams she has taken involve a writing component.

Using the databases at Seton Hall to find reliable sources has been key for Katherine's success on her papers and research. She said she uses them all the time, and her professors want reliable information from the peer-reviewed databases, not from Google Searches. Learning how to use the databases while a student here at MOHS prepared Katherine to complete searches of databases in college, using boolean searches and learning how to cite in both MLA and APA.

Katherine has the intention of one day creating and owning her own charity, working in nonprofit management. She said, "As I work my way through college, I want to learn how to help improve the foster care system as well as work with kids who do not have the same opportunities growing up as I did. My goal is to increase the success rate of children who grow up in the foster care system by empowering them through enriching, educational programs."

Regarding preparation she received at MOHS, Katherine said, "Enhancing student learning through engaging equipment and classrooms has made me into a more well-rounded person. The resources offered at the high school are at the college and even professional level, which heightened my expectations during my college search."

Katherine also praised the teachers at MOHS saying, "All of the teachers I had contributed to my preparation for college. Meeting deadlines is a critical part of success in college, so having to follow syllabi and due dates in high school helped me prepare for similar expectations at Seton Hall."

So what is the number one skill that Katherine learned at MOHS that has been most useful thus far in college? Time management, she said! Katherine learned how to time manage as a student at MOHS, balancing clubs and extracurricular events with schoolwork. Katherine's advice for current MOHS students is: "Get involved in after-school activities so you can learn time management. It is one of the most important skills to have in college and life."

Katherine is currently a freshman at Seton Hall. She is part of the DOVE community outreach program, and she will complete two service trips this semester.

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