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posted: Wed, Jun 17th, 2015

Class of 2015 Reflections

1. What will you miss about MOHS?
Brian Byrnes - "Ice hockey and Robotics."
Hailey Carlson - "The overall high school experience. College is a very exciting experience, but high school provided great opportunities to learn about myself."
Rohana Chase - "My superstar French teacher, Madame Van Stone."
Austin Davis - "Seeing my friends every day and the crossfit room."
Kaela Denno - "Teachers that let you go into their room during lunch to get help or just chat."
Margaret Koenig - "I will miss my fortress of solitude in Mrs. Boyd's room."
Aneesha Kumar - "I will miss all the wonderful memories and amazing friends I have made along the way. I shaped my identity here, and all I can do is go forward."
Sabrina Negron - "I will miss the teachers so much. Over the last four years, I have come in contact with some of the most influential and inspirational adults. I will never forget them."
Courtney Piatti - "The Robotics team! FRC 11"
Paige Revelle - "I will miss the teachers I've had throughout the years."
Samantha Rieder - "Stage crew."
Abdul Saeed - "Mr. West, Ms. K, Mr. Silver, Ms. Steinhardt, Mr. Grz."
Brooke Speas - "The amazing teachers and school pride."
Stephen Wank - "Seeing Mr. Ferry on a daily basis. Having a great TAG these past four years with Mrs. Craig."
Aaron Yaqoob - "I will miss the teachers that cared for the education of the next generation."

2. What advice do you have for underclassmen?
Devaughn Buchanan - "Don't procrastinate."
Christian Cabrera - "Don't procrastinate."
Ashlee Campbell - "The best advice I can give is to balance your school work with a social life. It's imperative to get your work done but it is just as important to enjoy your four years here because they really do go by fast."
Jennifer Catalano - "The four years of high school will be over before you know it. Remember that what may be important to you now may not be important in four years."
Alex Cherry - "Try to do your best and to manage your time."
Brian Drescher - "Do your work. Don't get behind in your work."
Joshua Drew - "Keep up with your school work, study, and don't give up."
Vanessa Marie Jimenez - "Never be afraid to go after what you want. And always be yourself."
Beth Keller - "Don't get lazy. Your high school years go by fast, so make every day count. Before you know it, it's graduation day."
William Marro - "Don't procrastinate, and do your work."
Erick Mattos - "Do your work, respect your teachers and peers, and get involved with sports."
Jenna McMahon - "Some advice I would give to underclassmen is don't wait until the last minute."
Victoria McSweeney - "Do your work and go to classes and school in general."
Kelly Mellusi - "Don't take school for granted. Have fun and get involved."
Sabrina Negron - "Try everything. Be bold. High school is too short to have regrets."
Erica Pagan - "Do all your work. The four years will fly by."
Cesar Palacios - "Keep working hard, and don't let anyone stop you."
Ryan Parisi - "Try as hard as possible from the start...Wish I did."
Shyami Patel - "Don't procrastinate, be involved, and definitely don't slack off your freshman year."
Autumn Pederson - "Work hard and keep your grades up because it will pay off."
Bridget Quinn - "Get good grades senior year so you won't have to take any finals."
Bianca Rodriguez - "Don't procrastinate. Get everything done on time, but always leave some time for fun and friends."
Kira Schwartz - "Don't overwhelm yourself with work. Mental health comes before everything."
Aukash Shah - "Challenge yourself as much as you can because it is going to help your future."
Ryan Shaw - "Have a great time."
Emma Tomas - "Get involved with clubs and sports. Not only are they really fun, but they really help when applying to college."
Sarah Wilson - "Work your hardest; good grades lead to scholarships."

3. What are your future plans/goals?
Thomas Daly - "I plan on owning my own business down the road."
Tara Doyle - "I plan to attend Towson University and be a member of their dance team."
Chetan Kamath - "I would like to go to medical school and become a surgeon."
Sarah Masukewicz - "I will be attending Cornell University in the fall and hopefully grad school after."
Devin Mathura - "My future plans are to go to college and get a stable job."
Florencia Rodriguez - "Two years at CCM and then Montclair for Psychology."
Lillie Rolsing - "My future plans are to attend Virginia Tech in the fall where I will be studying business. I am excited to start this new chapter of my life and cannot wait to see where it takes me."
Jesse Rouson - "Get a Division One scholarship. After that pursue my degree. Graduate, and then pursue my dreams to play in the NFL. Besides football, I want to land a good job where I can use my degree, journalism. I want to become a sports editor, writer, or analyst."
Amanda Turzi - "University of Miami studying neuroscience. Then hopefully medical school."
Isabella Wang - "I plan to study public health sciences at the University of Maryland for pre-med."

June Activities at MOHS

Ms. DiColo and Ms. Churchill pose with Varsity Club Color Run participants after the event.

Ms. Grossberndt and Student Council members attend the annual NJASC meeting at Six Flags Great Adventure.

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