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posted: Mon, Apr 16th, 2018

Athletic "Bubble" Dome Tours with Architecture and CAD

Students tour the new athletic dome or "Bubble" with Mr. Kuty and Mr. Gianforcaro.

Mr. Tom Kuty, Architecture and CAD teacher at Mount Olive High School, recently arranged a walking and learning tour of the new athletic dome, affectionately called "The Bubble." Mr. Gianforcaro, the designer and architect of the Bubble, worked with all five of Mr. Kuty's classes, first meeting with them in his classroom. Mr. Gianforcaro used the SmartBoard to review key concepts about the dome's function prior to completing a walking tour of the facility.

Mr. Kuty said, "My five classes combined to take four walking and learning tours. MOHS School District Architect, Mr. Gianforcaro, did a great job agreeing to and then leading our walking/learning tour for me and my CAD and Architecture students."

Students in the Architecture and CAD classes generated a list of questions for Mr. Gianforcaro prior to the tour, including: what type of material is it made out of, how is temperature controlled, how does air pressure hold up the bubble, why do your ears pop when you enter, why a revolving door design, etc.

During the tours, students learned that the Bubble is made up of two plastic PVC layers and houses about 100,000 square feet of space. The air PSI (pounds per square inch) in the bubble is only .05; however, about 725,000 pounds of air is forced into the dome, holding it up. Additionally, three million pounds of concrete hold down the bubble in the form of entrenched 5' by 3' concrete blocks, which the bubble is securely cabled down to. The bubble is meant to be used as a temporary structure, and it takes approximately 7 days to fully set-up and inflate and the same to take down. The revolving door acts as an airlock to keep the air pressure inside. There is also an emergency garage door, which would allow access for an ambulance to the field without severe air leakage.

Other interesting facts the students learned were that the backup generator runs on natural gas, the center of the bubble is 83 feet tall, and there are ten miles of wire metal cables crossed along the structure's top to hold it in place. The total capacity of the structure is 1,600 people.

In case of inclement weather or emergencies, there is a back-up generator to power the structure, which runs on natural gas. Air pressure is increased prior to big storms to reduce the chance of deflation. Additionally, all of the lights inside the structure are cost-saving LED. The cost of the dome was about $2 million, which comes to a total of $24 per square foot. In comparison, an average home in the state of New Jersey might cost approximately $150 per square foot.

Children and students in the community were also given several opportunities to utilize the bubble for open play sessions at various times throughout the winter and early spring. The bubble, which is now closed for the season, will be taken down shortly for the spring and summer seasons before it is reinflated for the late fall/winter.

Mr. Kuty and Mr. Gianforcaro tour students around the new athletic dome or "Bubble." 

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