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posted: Mon, Apr 16th, 2018

STEAM Night puts focus on creativity and problem-solving

More than 325 students and parents created, constructed, and competed in Mountain View’s recent STEAM Night. The event featured cooperative, hands-on activities in science, technology, engineering, art, and math which allowed kids and adults to work together.

Activities were held throughout the building, with 15 staff volunteers and 28 members of Mount Olive High School’s National Science Honor Society working to ensure the smooth operation of games and projects. Favorites from 2017’s STEAM Night, the inaugural year of the event, were combined with new activities to provide students from pre-school to grade 5 with fun and enriching experiences.

Building structures that could hold the most weight and constructing the highest structures using common household materials were popular activities. For example, students and their parents worked to make structures using popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and masking tape that could each support a tennis ball at least four inches above a table. In a timed 18-minute event, families competed to construct the tallest free-standing structure using spaghetti, tape, and string.

“It was great seeing the families working together and having fun,” said instructional supervisor Jen Olsyn, coordinator of the night’s events. “This is a learning experience that encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving – all important skills in the 21st century."

Some of the district’s latest technology manipulatives were available for use, too. Spheros, remotely controlled balls that can be programmed to roll, turn, and change color, were in the multipurpose room. In the library media center, parents and students used Cubelets, modular snap-together blocks, to build custom robots with different abilities. Cubelets can move, perform actions, sense, and calculate.

The staff members who volunteered their time to STEAM Night were: Tammy Lash, Melissa Ezro, Peg Maute, Jen Miller, Gloria Silva, Corinne Sylvester, Darcy Kelson, Jami Lionetti, Jen Bond, Melissa Marvin, Paige Micchelli, Laura Murdoch, Desiree Enrico, Christine Rogoff, and Sherri Clemente.

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