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posted: Tue, Jan 20th, 2015

Combining social studies, writing, and technology

Write what you know, the adage says. The second-graders at Mountain View are doing just that.

As part of a unit on different types of communities (urban, rural, and suburban) the students are writing about theirs – specifically the town of Flanders. Each student is creating a travel brochure on Flanders, detailing a few specific reasons why the community is a great place to live, work, and play.

“My students are excited about social studies, and that in itself is great,” said teacher Holly LaPierre. “We had discussions about communities and neighborhoods, and even included some Mount Olive history.”

Before starting the project, the classes examined travel brochures from various destinations including theme parks and zoos to learn some key brochure features. The students then created pencil and paper drafts before moving onto computers to digitally design their tri-folds. 

The second-graders focused on areas such as recreational activities, shopping, eateries, and strong community services and resources. Flanders Valley Golf Course, Flanders Park, Valentino’s Pizza, The After, and Mount Olive Police Department and Fire Department were some of the highlights students included in their brochures. 

“The kids love it not because of the technology but because it’s something they’re knowledgeable about,’ said teacher Kathleen Hatton. “They’re the experts and they can include what they personally like and feel is important.”

The Flanders travel brochure project is a great preamble to a major research project that the students will complete next year in third grade: developing travel brochures for New Jersey.

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