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posted: Mon, Sep 29th, 2014
Jalyn Albritton answers Minute Math problems on a Smart remote

Things are clicking at Mountain View

Five years ago third grade teacher Cheryl Conte found a set of Smart Board remote controls that no one in school seemed to be using. She experimented with them in the classroom and quickly learned that she had discovered an interactive gadget that could engage students in a simple but powerful way. Other teachers, like third grade teacher Jason Brodo, saw the benefits and were quick to adopt them too. 

The Smart Response PE remotes (also called clickers) are handheld devices that allow students to quickly input information into Smart board software. The uses are endless, from learning games to quizzes to surveys. 

Mrs. Conte uses the durable clickers in many different ways. She’ll put up a math problem on the white board, for example, and students will input the correct answer into the devices. With a couple presses on the white board, she can instantly see who solved the problem correctly and who did not.

If it’s a quiz with multiple questions, the software will automatically tabulate the scores. There are even software options to see which questions that students got wrong – data which helps identify the weaknesses of students and aids in individualizing instruction.

Certainly there’s also a quiz-show-like cool factor involved. And right on the remotes, kids can see their own scores on the little LCD screens. 

“Kids are motivated because it’s fun and the feedback is instantaneous,” said Mrs. Conte. “It’s definitely beneficial and provides fast, important assessment information.”

Mrs. Conte uses the Smart Response system for everything from Minute Math to the weekly mini lessons and quizzes in the Journeys language arts curriculum.

The remote system obviously doesn’t replace more detailed and sophisticated assessments such as essays or math problems in which the work must be shown. But it has a place in the classroom and is another example of the way that technology can be used as a powerful tool in the instructional process.

Carson Walsh checks his score on the LCD screen of the Smart remote

Safety patrol set to begin

The Mountain View Safety Patrol is set to begin in the coming weeks. The program, which has been run for many years, encourages good conduct and works to keep students safe. 

Mountain View’s safety patrol consists of about two dozen carefully selected fifth-graders who provide additional eyes and hands to ensure safe and orderly arrivals and dismissals. The safety patrol members monitor hallways, help preschoolers and kindergarteners on and off buses, and assist preschoolers in packing up at the end of the school day. 

The program was so successful last year that the duties of the safety patrol members may expand to provide teachers with extra help as needed.

“Being a part of safety patrol teaches students to be responsible and respectful,” said art teacher Laura Murdoch, who coordinates the program with physical education teacher Mike Schwartz. “They must learn how to politely remind students of the rules throughout the school and demonstrate self-control, sound judgement, and fair treatment of others.”

Safety patrol members are responsible for any work they miss in their classrooms while they are out on their posts and must maintain a C or higher grade average throughout the year. 

After an application and interview process, this year’s members have recently been selected. They are all strong leaders who possess excellent interpersonal skills and will represent the Mountain View school community well. 

The safety patrol members for 2014-2015 are: 

Madison Whittaker

Monique Aspier

Marianna Carlton

Alex Soto

Meghan Woods

Molly Saunders Lucy

Ashlee Beck

Karley Sapio

Aubrey Giordano

Olivia Clark

Marvam Ghanom

Adrianna Chaparro

Wesley Griggs

Connor DiGiacomo

Matthew Napolitano

Olivia Kimpland

Emma Kenny

Hayden Boos

Ben West

Peter Huber

Payton Majewski

Graceanne Winch

Mackenzie Robinson

Alicia Jones

Torre Berkowitz

Jackson Waldstein


 Math problems solved as of 9/29 @ 1:55 p.m.

 Top classes:

 Ms. Lash

 Mr. Murphy

 Ms. Ferrara

 Ms. Maute

 Ms. Fisher

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