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posted: Mon, Jun 19th, 2017

They’re on the air! (sort of)

Staff members of the Sandshore Digital Dish, the school’s student-run newspaper, recently produced a newscast of its final edition. Recorded at the television studio at Mount Olive High School, the 14-minute video featured a look at the school-wide and grade-level activities that took place during May and early June.

The 23 budding broadcast journalists worked in teams and took turns sitting behind the anchor desk, reading their material from teleprompters. Fifth-graders Gabriella Harmon, Shubiksha Murali, and Isabella Pepe designed the graphics that accompanied the stories and wrote the segues that linked the stories together. About a dozen high school television students handled the production work behind the cameras.

"The experience gave our newspaper students an opportunity to take a deeper look into the field of communications and see what news reporting is all about,” said Patricia Mitchell, who serves as newspaper adviser along with Joanne Bosco. “It generated a great deal of interest in the field. And I can’t say enough about how wonderful the high school students were. They created a great work atmosphere. They made it light yet kept it very professional.”

The edited newscast was shared with the families of the student reporters after a screening and premiere party during the newspaper staff’s final meeting. Nicole Musarra, school principal, gave reporters pins to thank them for their efforts throughout the year in producing the four digital editions of the Digital Dish and the special video edition.

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