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posted: Mon, Nov 20th, 2017

Daniel Donahue, sporting Star Wars PJs, works with Tracy Church

Learning some favorite letters 

Peanut butter







P and J were recently the letters of the day for kindergarteners. And the students came to school in their PJs to make learning P and J words more fun. The kids practiced writing the words, skywriting them, and writing them on whiteboards.

Pajamas Day is an annual event at Sandshore since Fundations, the district’s reading and writing program, couples those two letters together in a kindergarten study unit. 

“The kids love Pajamas Day,” said teacher Tracy Church. “They get so excited about it.” 

Spiderman, Star Wars, and Disney characters were all popular fashion themes this year.

Each student was also allowed to bring in a favorite stuff animal to show to classmates.

Colin Young writes while in his Star Wars PJs

Tobi Fasehun works while wearing Cars pajamas

Marisa Foster, Alyson Foster, and Gina Ciccarella are not having a good day because of a certain huffing and puffing big bad wolf

When life gives you lemons...

First- and second-graders recently performed “Lemonade,” a musical about making the best of life’s ups and downs. 

The show tells the tale of beloved fairy tale characters dealing with problems and the ways they learn to cope. Chicken Little, the Three Little Pigs, Humpty Dumpty, the Cat with a Fiddle, Little Bo Peep, and Little Boy Blue and a host of others learn from Mother Goose that life is about making the best of things.

“The story has a good moral, a timeless life lesson,” said Lisa King, Sandshore’s music teacher who directed the production. “It brings home the message that with a positive attitude and a change of heart, things can all work out.”

“Lemonade” featured five songs in a variety of musical styles and ran for approximately 20 minutes. The 175 students practiced the songs for about six weeks in music classes then spent some time rehearsing together during the two days before the show.

Two performances were held, one for students and staff and another for family members and friends.

Art teacher Ric Heckman created the scenery and artwork.


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