Two sun-soaked and fun-filled weeks of fascinating
and adventurous learning ANYWHERE!

July 17th - 21st and July 24th - 28th


K - Grade 2


Let's Build It

Experience the world of Minecraft with LEGO® bricks. Campers will face new crafting challenges each day, building models and key elements from the popular Minecraft game! Then, they will use our very own Minecraft server where the kids can recreate their lego designs in the virtual world! More advanced projects and challenges will involve the use of K'Nex as they build their own robots and machines!

Zoo Cool Science 

Students learn all about animals and what it takes to care for them as they go on exciting field trips and even take care of their own zoo at the high school. From the Turtle Back Zoo in Essex County to a trip to the Lakota Wolf Preserve, students will go on exciting field trips and behind the scenes tours of what it takes to care for animals. They will also visit local farms and learn about domesticated farm animals and how this important industry creates food for our families. 


The Science of Art 

Children will learn that art is everywhere and science is in everything as they make amazing and beautiful art work using plants from nature, learn about the colors of the rainbow and how to create them from the environment, and even how to do amazing chemistry experiments that result in amazing art pieces that they can take home and share with their families. This hands-on and activity-based class is all about making art come alive through the use of science!

Remote Controlled Everything  

This isn't the remote control cars we used! Instead, kids will be controlling highly advanced remote control cars that stay on the track automatically and can disable one another using the Anki Overdrive system. Classroom size tracks will be created and each child will be outfitting their own racers as they learn how sensors and programming help keep their cars on the track. Additionally, kids can learn how to fly drones using special flight simulators and even use remote controlled boats in our new one-thousand gallon tank. From simple remote controlled trucks to the most advanced smart-tracks such as Anki Overdrive, kids will learn how to control all sorts of vehicles and compete in amazing challenges on land, sea, and even in the air!

Grade 3-5


Maker 101

Every child is a maker! Whether it as a future engineer or fashion designer, students engage in projects that foster imagination, problem solving, teamwork, as well as strengthen their skills and talents. Students will learn about and engage in design thinking as they prototype, test and redesign their projects in our brand new Maker Space. They not only learn the value of teamwork, they also learn to embrace the notion of "do-overs" as these lead to the refinement of a piece. Creativity and innovation are at the forefront as students navigate and celebrate the power of possibility.

Nature Camp

Who doesn't relish a day in the woods or at a lake? Kids will learn all about bushcraft and the animals that live in nature around our schools and the amazing ways we coincide with nature. The Native American population of the Lenni Lenape survived using just the world around them, and our kids will learn their secrets of foraging and animal and plant identification.

Robotic Programming

There is nothing like being able to say, "I programmed a robot!" That is exactly what students will learn. They will learn about programming as they program their own robotic spheres (spheros), humanoid robots, and even learn about how the high school students' program and control their large robots for Mount Olive Robotics Team!

The Science of Art

Campers learn how science is used to create amazing art as they throw their own pots and watch how chemical reactions can create amazing art forms in nature.  

Grade 6-8


Drone Building and Racing

This exciting course teaches students how to construct and design their own quad-copter. Using special VR goggles, they can then race their drones in the first person as they learn to control and fly them up to 35 miles an hour! Sure to be an amazing experience that prepares them for a very real future of increased drone use!

Other Worlds: Virtual Reality, Microscopic & Beyond

This exciting session shows how people are using virtual and augmented reality in the real world.  From the Oculus Rift to making 360 dgree videos, campers will learn all about this exciting new technology!  Additionally, they will learn about the microscopic world of protists to see how other worlds are not only digitally created, but actually are all around us.

The VEX Robotic Challenge

Get ready for hands-on, minds-on! What a great way to expose students to STEAM education! Simple snap-together pieces allows students to collaborate and problem-solve as they, build, test, and tweak their robots. Students will then use their robots to compete with their peer's robots. From motors to the programming, the campers are in control. This course creates a fun, teamwork-driven environment as students learn how science, technology, engineering, art, and math are all interwoven with each other in the building of their VEX robots.

High Ropes Challenge Activity

Zip lines, belaying off of walls, and more! This is the experience of a lifetime! Learn the physics of the high ropes course and the importance of teamwork! In this course, students are challenged to know more about themselves and their peers in a brand new way. They learn to trust themselves and their peers, problem solve collaboratively, build their creative drive, and encourage each other to take risks by climbing walls, jumping into space and flying across a zip line nearly 30 feet in the air! Experienced instructors guide students through every challenge that is guaranteed to give them a great time, as well as develop and invigorate their leadership and communication skills. The excitement and thrill are sure to keep you coming back for more!

Grade 9


Introducing ROBOTICS to STEAM Camp!

MORT is a year-round extracurricular program that not only competes in First Robotics Club, but also reaches out to prospective students, as well as the community at large to promote STEAM education. In this week-long "crash course", your child will learn about the different facets of FRC design and fabrication: introduction to design, mechanical fabrication, electrical components, and programming. The class will culminate in the completion of a full-scale driving robot!


Introducing Rock & Roll Summer Academy!

From beginners to advanced, we have it!  Campers get to jam out as they learn how to play instruments in a band and run the sound and lighting for a major show. They will be able to learn cover band music, work the LED screen, control sound and lights in our 1700 seat performing arts center. The week ends with a live concert that the kids do on their own!


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