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posted: Fri, Jun 17th, 2016


The Students Of The Year!

Students Of The Year & Students Of The Month!

Tinc Road emphasized character education in 2015-16. Each month was devoted to a particular character trait and a variety of lessons were conducted that underscored that highlighted quality. 

Monthly from October to May, one student in every classroom who best embodied the emphasized monthly trait was named a Student Of The Month.

For June, only kindergarten and first-graders were so honored; students in the higher grades were recognized in the Students Of The Year awards for showing the most outstanding character for all of 2015-16. The Students Of The Year were honored during the last week of school at a special breakfast.

The Students Of The Year are:

Second Grade
Anna Cofone
Angela Davis
Lilah Sterling
Carter Woods

Third Grade
Katelyn Alessandrini
Marwah Ashraf
Jordan Notaro
Vanessa Pappa

Fourth Grade
Lily Darnesto
Anish Patel
Hayden VanVliet

Fifth Grade
Joseph T. Abrusci
Tyler Burwell
Minahil Iftikhar
Lana Janouk 

The Students Of The Month for June (Leadership) are:

Natalie Bilheimer
Nicholas D'Amico
Willow Darling
Filiip Fusiarz

First Grade
Abigail Bewalder
Katie Bienus
Sarah Khan
Riley Morris

June's Students Of The Month

Tinc Road students learn key business skills

They dreamed, they created, they sold. 

A dozen Tinc Road fourth- and fifth-graders were among approximately 50 G&T students districtwide who learned firsthand the skills needed to start and run a successful business. The students participated in TREP$, a program that allowed the students to experience the complete product development process from concept to completion. The young entrepreneurs made a variety of products, including birdfeeders, bookmarks, dog treats, school accessories, and baked goods.

Tinc Road was the site of the program’s culmination, a marketplace where the young entrepreneurs set up shop to sell their merchandise, each at a separate table. Hundreds of parents, fellow students, and faculty members shopped at the event. Students gained the experience of interacting with actual customers and learned the value of hard work by earning real money. And as the sales started to add up, students beamed with the satisfaction and sense of achievement that can only come from seeing an idea become a successful reality. 

“The kids learned that hard work pays off,” said teacher Brian Allen, who taught and coordinated the program here at Tinc Road. “They went home happy – with a profit and a great experience.” 

TREP$, which stands for entrepreneurs, teaches students very concrete business fundamentals through a series of hands-on challenges. Over the course of the program, the students learned business skills such as writing business plans, identifying target customers, and developing effective marketing and advertising.

Hayden Van Vliet and Nicholas Lion were so successful in creating a demand for their product, bacon-flavored dog treats, that they actually charged a premium for pre-orders! Now that’s entrepreneurship! 

A First In Math school milestone

The fourth-graders in Samantha Darnesto’s class are holding their heads up high with pride. The class set a school milestone in First in Math, a math game website. Together the students have correctly solved more than 300,000 math problems during the course of the year, playing both at home and in school when time permits.

Mrs. Darnesto’s class had been in a neck and neck battle with Joy Spevak’s fourth-graders for most of the year. Then the class dug in and set a goal of hitting the magic 300,000 mark – which when translated into the game’s virtual currency equals 100,000 stickers.

So how did the class find the motivation to succeed?

“We’ve been Darnesto-fied,” said Gabriella Wienckowski, when asked that exact question.

Mrs. Darnesto harnessed the natural competitiveness of her group of fourth-graders by inspiring them to set goals and promising a Rita’s Ice party if they reached the 300K milestone.

Hayden Van Vliet, who earlier in the year was honored as a FIM grand champion for solving 30,000 math problems, took the reins as student coach and mentor. Every Monday or Tuesday, he reviewed the class standings and individual rankings, and worked with his classmates to set personal weekly goals. 

“Hayden really took things to the next level,” said Mrs. Darnesto. “He showed the rest of the class the ins and outs of the games and showed them how to work smart, not just work hard.” 

First in Math’s interactive math games are tailored for each grade level and ability. Math problems are divided into several basic categories including math facts, word problem fluency, and procedural knowledge.

Melanie Lopes signs the poster made from her sketch (pictured in the inset)

Making a monster 

Tinc Road third-, fourth-, and fifth-graders recently helped make a monster with award winning illustrator Dave DeVries.

Mr. DeVries, a teacher and artist who has worked with D.C. and Marvel comics, brings children’s art to life by taking monster sketches they have done and rendering them in stunning realism.

The interactive process, which Mr. DeVries calls “The Monster Engine,” began at Tinc Road with students submitting sketches for consideration. He selected one by fourth-grader Melanie Lopes and, on the day of the presentation, translated it to a vibrant and detailed full-size work of art with the help of students. Mr. DeVries guided student volunteers who each created one particular detail on the final piece.

There was an incredible level of excitement in the cafeteria during the presentation. Mr. DeVries generates energy not only from his high enthusiasm and the way he expands on the imagination of children, but also from his technique. Mr. DeVries uses all the tricks of the artist’s trade in his Monster Engine demonstrations, including painter’s tape, toothbrushes, and even his hands – something that excited the students even more.

“He made kids look outside the box,” said Andrea Shore, who coordinated Mr. DeVries visit. “He showed them art doesn’t have to be done with a paintbrush or a marker. It can be done with anything.”

Mr. DeVries, whose son Aiden is a third-grader here at Tinc Road, has two websites where you can see more of his work: http://www.themonsterengine.com and http://www.daveDeVries.com.

Also, check out this CBS video on him and The Monster Engine process at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGtECQPJgPE&feature=youtu.be



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