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posted: Wed, Mar 25th, 2015
Tinc Road's Ryan Bedell, bottom right, rehearses with the main cast of "The Addams Family" 

Fifth-grader co-stars in MOHS musical

“Nothing happens unless first a dream." – Carl Sandburg

The above quote appears in “365 Days of Wonder,” a book of inspiring phrases that Pam Sexton’s fifth grade class recently studied. Student Ryan Bedell, interpreting and commenting on that phrase, wrote "This precept is my favorite because it speaks to me and says if you dream it, it can happen. It tells me I can be a singer and an actor.” 

Indeed he can. In fact, he is.

Ryan was the youngest member in the cast of MOHS’s recent production of “The Addams Family.” He played Pugsley, the precocious son in the creepy, kooky, and all together ooky clan of the musical's title.

Ryan loves to perform. He’s been in Tinc Road’s chorus for the past two years and recently sang in “Mount Olive’s Got Talent,” MOHS’s annual showcase of town talent. 

While auditioning for that production, he caught the eye of Jodi Bosch, MOHS English teacher and director of the high school’s musicals. She suggested that he tryout for “The Addams Family.” Two auditions later, a text message sent to his mother’s cell phone invited him to join the cast. 

“I was jumping off the walls,” Ryan said. “I kept shouting ‘I got the part, I got the part.’”

The fifth-grader remembers just as vividly the first rehearsal for “Addams.” When he nervously walked in Mrs. Bosch announced “Hey, Pugsley’s here,” and the room erupted in applause. It was a recognition of his dedication to the play and an introduction to the school’s drama club, a close and loving family that Ryan was warmly welcomed into. 

Ryan’s been a student of Ms. Sexton for the past two years, last year in fourth grade and now in fifth grade.

“Ryan is a delightful boy and a pleasure to have in class,” she said. “He’s always grinning. He comes to school each day with a smile on his face. He is serious, but has a good sense of humor.”

Half of Ms. Sexton’s class was at MOHS on opening night to see Ryan living out his dream. 

“I’m just doing what I love,” he said. “I love to act, I love to sing. I’m having fun and just being me.” 

Carl Sandburg’s words live on.


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