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Gifted & Talented Overview

Mount Olive offers two distinct G&T programs for students in grades K - 8 that have been identified to thrive with additional challenge and inspiration.  These programs are designed to encourage hard work, challenge, and grit as the keys to further academic success.  


"Aspiration through Inspiration!"

The After School Program for Inspiration, Rigor and Excellence is a new addition to our Gifted and Talented Program. It is intended to give students an opportunity to explore, create, and discover by offering enrichment activities beyond the school day. From college visits to weekend field trips, our goal is to expose G&T students to a broad range of inspiring experiences as they aspire to reach their potential!

While elementary G&T students met one hour per week previously with a G&T coordinator, we will be extending this program to also include field trips and additional enrichment through an after school STEAM trainer that will make special inquiry demonstrations.

"Raising the Rigor by Replacing Parts of the Curriculum!"

This program is intended for those students that have already mastered the current grade level of curriculum and need additional challenges. Teams of teachers will be using our own curriculum to create modifications for those students that need the additional challenge. While still participating in the current curriculum, expectations will be increased to ensure that students are learning in deeper ways.

K – 2: Teachers will develop strategies and additional challenge activities for students that surpass grade level expectations. Choosing students to participate in these activities will be based on teacher observation and student choice for additional challenge. 

3 – 5: Each grade level will have replacement curriculum designed within each core content area (math, language arts, science, and social studies). Selection is based on demonstrated mastery of grade level material.  

6 – 8: Students will continue to participate in the G&T cycle classes instead of other cycle courses at Mount Olive Middle School.  

9 - 12:  Mount Olive High School offers dozens of advanced placement courses for students seeking a highly challenging and rigorous curriculum at the college level.  Unlike earlier G&T programs, students self-select into these courses based on interest and prior achievement.  In the 2015 school year, we administered almost 500 AP exams.

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