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Gifted and Talented Nomination Process

Gifted and Talented Selection Process

Our G&T programs are designed to give advanced learners the opportunity to enhance and refine their problem solving skills.  However, it is also designed to be responsive to differing intellectual growth of children.  Neuroplasticity shows us that gifted students are not born being gifted, they develop through challenge and on developmental readiness.  We seek out the students that are ready for additional challenges and to deepen their ability to think logically, creativily, and critically about the world.  

K - 2:  Teacher Discretion Based on Multiple Measures:  Gifted and Talented is integrated into the classroom activities when students demonstrate that they have already mastered the grade level topics or curriculum.  Teachers determine this through preassessment and monitoring students during the learning.  Students move fluidly into and out of this advanced group as they mature and progress.  Change is frequent due to the developmental readiness of students. 

Curriculum Plus Curriculum

3 - 8:  There is a two-stage selection process that begins with either a parent or teacher referral for the program.  Second grade parents and teachers are welcome to complete these referal forms for entering third graders.  Then, standardized test scores are collected, report cards, and other work samples are reviewed.  In the second stage, students will complete a writing sample and take a placement test as an additional data point for G&T.  A committee then convenes in June and reviews all available data to make selection for G&T.  Selection is done for the Curriculum Plus, Middle School G&T, and ASPIRE Programs.  



NOTE:  We accept nominations between January 1 and the end of Febraury for the next school year.  

Curriculum Plus and the middle school G&T classes are more selective because the students must have already mastered the grade level material.  ASPIRE seeks to offer enrichment to a larger number of G&T students and recognizes stregnth in various areas.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you have a formal G&T Program for grades K-2?

We do have a program, but it focuses on flexible grouping that avoids labeling students.  In the early grades, variability has more to do with learning readiness and maturity than giftedness.  Additionally, students are developing their strengths in these early grades and getting foundational skills for reading and mathematics, skills that should not be missed.  The K-2 gifted and talented curriculum is intended to extend these skills but be flexible enough for students to only have enrichment where needed.  If parents feel that their child needs additional challenge, please speak with the teacher so that they can target additional challenge within the classroom.  

What criteria do you use for selecting for G&T?

We use the following criteria:  Parent rating scale, parent comments, teacher rating scale, teacher comments, a cognitive achievement test (CogAT Scores), standardized test scores (PARCC), STAR 360 scores, Lexile scores, CAT scores, and a writing sample that measures creative problem solving.  Our goal is to identify students based on academic abilities, leadership, and creativity.  Each score is entered into a matrix and evaluated by a team of administrators before placement.  

Who is accepted into the ASPIRE Program?

We look for a diverse sampling of student strengths to be part of the program.  Acceptance is not as rigorous because it is not replacing the curriculum.  Instead, students come with a strength and develop additional strengths by interacting with the other students and doing engaging after school programs.

For those that get into the ASPIRE Program, students usually score a 5 (highest) in one area of the PARCC, are in the region of 114 - 130 on the CogAT tests, and 90's or above in one or more section of the CAT test. Additionally, a writing sample can sometimes help to place a student. In particular, we look for creative thought and problem solving.  

Who is accepted into the Curriculum Plus Program?

These students are the highest achievers as noted in all areas of the G&T rubric and have likely already mastered parts of the curriculum.  As such, they need a replacement curriculum that extends beyond the State standards that they already show mastery in.  This differentiation is done within the classroom, but involves different resources and materials as necessary.  

In order to qualify for Curriculum Plus, students typically have a 5 in both language arts and math on the PARCC, CogAT scores in the 130's, CAT scores that in the upper 90's, and strong teacher and parent referrals.

I just transferred to Mount Olive and my child was in G&T in another district.  How do I enroll them?

Because the criteria for G&T is different in each district, students are not automatically enrolled in our program if they were in another one.  Please provide your child's historical test scores to your child's counselor, and we will consider a conditional placement for the current year.  However, they will likely have to go through the process of formal referral in January for inclusion in the next year.  

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