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Medication in School

As per guidelines set forth by the N.J. State Department of Education and the Mt. Olive Township School District policy, children are not allowed to carry or have medications in the classroom. Forms are available from the Health Office or the Health Office website that satisfy all necessary requirements listed below (Numbers 1 through 5) regarding medication administration at or during school. If needed on school time, medications will be kept in the nurse’s office and dispensed by her at the proper time.  In addition:

1.     The Parent/Guardian must provide a written request for the administration of medication.
2.    We must also have an original written order from your doctor for any medications that must be taken at school including over the counter medications. Each new school year requires a new set of physician orders.This order must include:

a.    Diagnosis.

b.    Name of medication.

c.     Dosage and time it is to be given.

d.    Is child to receive medication on half days?

e.     May medication be withheld for field trips, as most often a nurse is not available?

f.      If medication is an inhaler, may he/she carry it and self administer?

3.    All medications must be in the ORIGINAL PHARMACY CONTAINER properly labeled for the student.  Ask your pharmacist for the medication to be divided into two bottles completely labeled; one for home and one for school.  Do not send medications in baggies, tissues, envelopes, etc., as it is against the law to dispense unlabeled medication.

4.    Students are not allowed to carry medications on the bus or into school. An adult must drop off the medication in the Main Office or in the Health Office.

5.     Over the counter drugs are also medication; i.e. cough drops, tylenol, etc. These are to be addressed in the same manner as prescription drugs.

6.     Administration of Epinephrine, asthma medications and self-administration of medication for asthma or other potentially life-threatening illnesses require additional documentation. Please contact your school nurse for these forms.

The form, Physicians Order for Medication Administration at School,  is available for download. See health forms section.
Inhaler Use in School
  1. The N.J. Department of Education now mandates that the Asthma Treatment Plan form be on file at school for all students who wish to use an inhaler at school regardless of diagnosis (i.e. asthma, reactive airway, etc.).
  2. This form is available in triplicate from the school nurse, or via download in the health forms section of this website.
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