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Mountain View students in 1st thru 5th grades study music through the use of the Yamaha "Music In Education Keyboard Lab" and the multi unit curriculum purchased for Mountain View students and teachers to use. This is the 2nd lab at MV with replacement in 2014-15. This is truly a state of the art program.

The lab consists of computers: One Teacher's computer for demonstrations and monitoring of the 15 student computer&keyboards which are designed for a 2 partner lab arrangement, a Mac Airbook, and an Apple Ipad.

The Music in Education curriculum includes units of study for Grade levels 1-5. Because MV students participate in homeroom based specials, it was mandatory that this program allow the music teacher to simultaneously monitor several groups on each grade. As individual student progress can be monitored, grade and even used in student led portfolio conferences, the creative process is truly enhanced by this program.

Students vocabulary is enhanced through their experience with this international program. For example, Each Opus consists of 4 to 5 lessons, a Synthesis lesson, Review lesson, and a Quiz. Each unit focuses on a different musical concepts, with the present unit of study scaffolded on the preceding units, as the students move through the Opuses. The music used in each Opus is based upon a variety of styles, genres, and time periods.

The Music in Education Keyboard Lab and curriculum provide students with a venue in which they can import music from ITunes. This student access to contemporary music has greatly increased student interest in using the program. There are opportunities for students to create original pieces alone or with a partner, perform them for a class, and record the songs. These songs can then be saved on the Mac Airbook for future projects. On average, each student in grade 1-5 works 20 minutes per Music Class on the keyboards. Music classes meet once a week for 45 minutes.

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