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Kindergarten Take Home Policy


There have been several incidents of Kindergarten students not being met by their parent/guardian during the take-home ( PM Dismissal) that have necessitated the return of the student to the school – causing undue stress and anguish for the student and causing a disruption of bus service to other students and/or routes. In order to continue a safe, efficient and thorough transportation system, the following transportation policy will be implemented, effective 9/1/03:

During the PM Dismissal, Kindergarten students must have a parent/guardian, older sibling or an authorized parental representative visible or he/she will be returned to the school office to the after-school daycare provider. Parents will then be responsible to pickup their student from the school and, if applicable, to pay any appropriate fees that may be due to the after-school daycare provider. A copy of the after-school daycare provider's permission slip, signed by the parent/guardian, will be kept on file at the daycare provider.

Abuse of the policy will be considered after 3 occurrences and the parent/guardian may need to appear before the Board of Education.



  1.  No kindergarten student will be let off of the bus until a parent/guardian or older sibling is visible.
  2.  When the parent/guardian is not available, then only persons expressly authorized by the parent/guardian will be allowed to receive the child.
  3.  If no authorization is found, then the student will be returned to the cafeteria of the school at the conclusion of the bus route and turned over to the after-school daycare provider.
  4.  The Transportation Office will notify the school office that the student will be returning to the school's after-school daycare program.
  5.  The school office will provide emergency contact information to the after-school daycare program for that student.
  6.  The parent/guardian will be responsible to pay the appropriate fees to the after-school daycare provider for the time that the student is in the program.

This policy applies only to those students in Kindergarten/or special needs.

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