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Special Needs Take Home Policy

PLEASE  MAKE NOTE:  Transportation Policy dictates if a child requires transportation as a related service through the Special Services Department, a parent or guardian MUST meet a special needs child at the bus stop regardless of age.  This applies to summer transportation as well as during the regular school year.



·Meeting your child at the bus stop when they arrive home.  The bus drivers will not leave a special needs child off without a parent or guardian present.  If someone other than a parent is going to receive your child please make sure the Transportation Department has this persons name and phone number on file or your child will not be allowed off the bus.  If you feel your child is able to be released from the bus without supervision, please notify this office, in writing prior to the start of the school year.  


If the bus stops at your child’s stop and your child is not on the bus, return to your home immediately and call the school, chances are, the student missed the bus.  If your child was put on the wrong bus, the Transportation Department has two way radio contact with all drivers and your child will be located.  This is usually done between the schools and this office.


• Having your child ride the bus as soon as possible at the start of school is very important. This will help them to become familiar with their route and the driver/aide.

Door to Door stops are not guaranteed.  The bus stop that your child is assigned is the bus stop they must get on and off at 5 days a week.

IF a situation arises and you need to make other transportation arrangements for your child, please call the transportation office immediately to make alternate arrangements for your child.


If you or your authorized designee are not at the bus stop to greet your special needs child, the child will be returned to the school.


Only the people that you, as the parent authorize, thru this office, will be allowed to receive your child.


All other requests for transportation ( daycare, unauthorized release at stop must be made in writing and must be for 5 days a week)

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