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MORT Where Can it Take You?

MORT - Where Can It Take You?

Engineering has been called the "invisible" or "stealth" profession.  Everything around you and that you use every day has been engineered in some way yet you may not see the engineers behind the scenes or know much about engineering.

You have math and science classes and both are basic to engineering. But, engineers take math and science from paper and the lab to to invent, design, and build things that matter. They are team players with independent minds who ask, "How can we develop a better recycling system to protect the environment, design a school that can withstand an earthquake, or create cutting-edge special effects for the movies?" By dreaming up creative and practical solutions, engineers are changing the world all the time.

Below is a listing of careers that students on the Mt. Olive Robotics Team have pursued upon graduating from the program.  Our program opens the doors to many fulfilling careers in Engineering, Math, Science, Business, Computer Science and the Arts!

Let YOUR journey to YOUR future start here with MORT!

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Computer Science


Animation/Computer Graphics

Graphic Design

Robotics Engineering



Chemical Engineering

Web Developer

Software Engineer

Systems Engineer


Computer Engineering

Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering

Information Sciences & Systems

Civil Engineering

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