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Basic Television Production (TV 1)



This is an introductory course for all students seeking a strong foundation and an outlet for creative expression through television production.  Students will learn how to understand and gather news as well as write broadcast copy and news leads.  Students will be exposed to a full spectrum of video tools, techniques, equipment, planning and materials, as well as the history of television.  Students will have a hands-on experience and learn how to operate professional in-studio and on location TV equipment. Students will work as crewmembers for in-studio and on location shoots. They will also use problem-solving skills to create and produce original programs.  It is also highly recommended for students with an interest in Media Arts or Communication related careers.

Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite for TV Production 2, TV Production 3 and TV Production 4.


GRADES: 9-12

Mount Olive High School
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