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In this course, experienced television students will focus primarily on MOTV's live morning show.  Each student will be required to arrive at 6:45am (Mon./Wed./Fri.) to work on the crew of MOTV's morning show, as well as complete at least one electronic field production per marking period.  While participating in a more in-depth study of the medium of television, students produce finished projects used in different areas including information, entertainment, sports, community service, and public relations. These projects are various programs for broadcast to the school and over two cable channels.

Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite for TV Production 4.

PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Television Production 1 and Television Production 2 (with a cumulative average of B- or higher).  Students must also have demonstrated maturity, responsibility, and self-motivation.

GRADES: 11-12

Who We Are

The MOTV Marauder Madness crew is made up of dedicated Mt. Olive High School students who are enrolled in Marauder Madness assisted by students enrolled in Advanced Television Production. These students have the privilege of enhancing their learning experience by creating a live morning show broadcast that airs to the school and on FiOS channel 32 and Cablevision channel 21 to over 24,000 people in the community.  The real world experience gained through this program teaches life skills and prepares students for life after high school.

Marauder Madness Crew 2018-2019

Melissa Alves

Connor Cupen

Leslie Gallagher

Jessica Gault

Maxwell Greenblatt

Caden Kramer

Sienna Madera

Kayleigh Majewski

Timothy Marro

James McCool

Nicholas Palladino

Jacob Paver

Sean Sandak

Leah Schmidt

Christopher Solowsky

Stephen Stern

Kathryn West


Staff and students- to air an announcement on Marauder Madness please send the important information (Who? What? Why? When? Where? and How?) to mmadness12@gmail.com

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