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Here at Mount Olive High School all students are to complete four years of health and physical education, which is required by the New Jersey State Department of Education.  All students are to be fully prepared for class.  This includes proper physical education attire which could be t-shirts, shorts, pants, sweatpants and sneakers.  These clothes must be different from the clothes the students wore to school.  Students are only excused if they have a doctors note.

Health and physical education are each twenty week programs/units, which is a full semester (two marking periods).  The material covered for each health grade includes:

Freshmen: Decision Making, Bullying/Gang Violence, Sexuality, Technology and Social Health, Healthy and Unhealthy relationships and Abstinence/Contraception

Sophomores: Driver Education

Juniors: Nutrition

Seniors: CPR/AED/First Aid, Global Health Issues, Family Life, Human Relationships, and Drug Awareness

This health schedule allows physical education to rotate electives in the gym every five weeks.  The students are able to choose what activity they are interested in, starting with the seniors and ending with freshmen. Some examples of electives the students have to choose from are: weight room, dance room/cardio room, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, archery, golf, bowling, soccer, handball, etc.

There are three components that make up the student's grade for physical education.  There is the cardiovascular enurdance warm up (homework/classwork 10%), active engagement (assessments 60%), and physical performance activity (assessments 60%).  These grades are updated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in powerschool.  Below you will see the physical education grading rubric which will further explain our expectations.

Daily PE Grading Rubric

Additional Information:

-If a student is Unprepared they will receive 0pts in all categories.
- If a student is Absent and misses the Weekly Fitness Assessment they are eligible to arrange a day/time with their teacher to make up the assessment in a timely manner.
- If a student is Medically Excused they are to follow the Alternate Fitness Writing Assignments. (See attached) signment

PE and Health Alternative Assignment

If a student is medically excused from Physical Education for more than 2-3 weeks, a written assignment is due for each week that is missed.  If you do not complete the response by the following Friday when medically excused, you will receive no credit, which will affect your grade. 

 PE Alternative Assignment 

PE Alternative Assignment Grading Rubric

Course Offerings:

  • Health Education Grade 9
  • Driver Education Theory Grade 10
  • Health Education Grade 11
  • Health Education Grade 12

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