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2019 Local Scholarships

 Important Directions - PLEASE READ!

 Deadline to Apply -  Wednesday, April 10th at 3:00 pm!

Click here for a copy of the presentation given to seniors.

Military Recognition

If you plan on entering the military upon graduation, please fill out the following form in order to be recognized on senior awards night: Form

Please see Mr. Kerrigan with any questions, thank you for applying!!

1. Carefully review the criteria for the following list of scholarships and select those scholarships to which you will apply. 

2. Click on the scholarship name to access the application.  Complete the full application for each scholarship which you are applying to.  FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CLOSELY. 

3. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME anywhere on the application unless directed to do so.  Scholarships that require you to put your name will be indicated with (NAME REQUIRED). Instead of names - most scholarships will use your Student Number which can be found on PowerSchool under the tab labeled "Demographic Info." Your Student Number must be placed on every document of your application. 

4. See your Guidance Counselor or Mr. Kerrigan if you need assistance completing your Academic Résumé.

5. Make sure to include mandatory essays included at the end of each scholarship application.  Be sure to make each essay unique to each scholarship!

6. No envelopes are needed, please only bring completed applications.

7. Return all completed applications to Mrs. Grossberndt in the Guidance Center by Wedenesday, April 10th.  At that point - Mrs. Grossberndt will ask you to complete a Scholarship Record Card.  It is highly recommended that students keep a copy of their applications for their own records. 

Scholarship Criteria for Selection
Anna Cerria Memorial Scholarship

Artistic accomplishments and/or performances, desire to study chosen artistic field (determined by the essay), academic status, school activities, and financial needs are considered. Provide a listing of any artistic accomplishments, performances, and awards. 

*Scholarship application updated on 3/15, please make sure you are using correct application.

Carolyn Zietkiewicz Memorial Scholarship
  • Documentation of a disability that required in‐school services (such as speech therapy)
  • Have applied and/or have been accepted at a post‐secondary school or college
Class of 2019 Scholarship

The class of 2019 is proud to present this scholarship to a socially aware student who has been an active part of creating positive change in our community and is planning to further their education in an academic or technical field.

Education Association
of Mt. Olive Scholarship
Student pursuing a major in the education field; academic achievement; service to school and community; exemplary character.
Ernest A. DiCicco Sr. Scholarship

1. This scholarship is open to any graduating Mount Olive resident high school student and Knights of Columbus Council 6100 member's child or ward graduating high school.
2. Candidates will be continuing their education.
3. Candidates must have a strong dedication to their faith, school, community and family.
4. All information provided must be verifiable.
5. Candidate must be in the top third of class, up to and including the first semester of his/her senior year.
6. Student needs to maintain a B Average as a full time student at his/her attending institution.
7. In order to receive subsequent awards after the first year, the candidate must provide the scholarship committee with a transcript of the current grades and proof of registration for the next fall semester


FBLA Club Scholarship Must be an active member of FBLA and planning to major in business in college. 
Flanders PTA Scholarship Seniors in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th decile of their class (others need not apply).  Must have graduated from Mountain View Elementary School.  Must have shown community and school involvement for four years of high school (not necessarily all four years at MOHS).  Must have definite plans to further their education. Must complete essay component of application.
Frank P. Ruggiero Community Service and Public Service Scholarship Seniors who plan to pursue further education and/or a career in public service, community service, or political science.  Financial Need will be taken into account.
The Italian Club of Mt. Olive Scholarship Active participant in school and community activities.  Financial need and academics will be taken into account. (NAME REQUIRED)
John Loschiavo Memorial Scholarship Two Scholarships will be awarded: One to a senior planning to major or minor in photography or planning to include photography as part of their studies.  The second scholarship will be awarded to a senior planning to attend college who has made a significant contribution to the track and field program at MOHS (not necessarily participating in track in college). 
Jonathan Michael Messina Scholarship Open to all seniors but those who have received Special Education Services especially encouraged to apply. Applicant should be one who has persevered to improve upon their grades since freshman year; shown strength of character, fairness, compassion, and demonstrates good leadership.  Financial need will be taken into account.  Senior must intend to further his/her education in college or a trade school. Essay component is essential for consideration.
Jonathan Slusher Memorial Journalism/Communications Scholarship

Senior with a 3.5 GPA or better who plans to pursue a college major in the field of journalism and/or communications. 

Joseph DeFeo Scholarship Senior ranked in the top 50% (deciles 1-5) of their class.  Member of a high school sports team, and interested in technology or engineering.
Kiwanis Club of Mt. Olive Scholarship Seniors who have demonstrated community service. Essay required!
Knights of Columbus, Fr. Joseph A. Cassidy Council 6100, Thomas Christopher DeLalla Memorial Scholarship

All applicants must be a resident of Mount Olive Township or a child of any Council 6100 member and are appraised on dedicated commitment and leadership in organizations or activities to benefit others, the community and the youth of Mount Olive Township. Special consideration will be given for leadership and participation in activities and programs which directly benefit local community youth organizations (e.g. religious organizations, squires, youth group, sports, scouting, other youth based organizations.). An essay is required describing why a scholarship is important to the applicant and what the applicant did specifically that qualifies him/her as the best candidate to receive this scholarship. (NAME REQUIRED) See website (under scholarship info) for more scholarship information.

Knights of Columbus, Fr. Joseph A. Cassidy Council 6100 Scholarship

 All applicants must be a resident of Mount Olive Township or a child of any Council 6100 member and are appraised on 5 categories: Scholastic Achievement, Church/Religious Institution activities, Community activities, Extra Curricular activities and Essay. The essay will describe the applicant’s reasons for continuing their education and why a scholarship is important to them. (NAME REQUIRED) See website (under scholarship info) for more scholarship information.

Luke Heeman Good Citizenship Award Seniors who have demonstrated good citizenship, dedication, and leadership to the organizations and activities they are involved in, whether it is school/community/religious or helping someone else.  Must place GPA on application(NAME REQUIRED on all pages of application)
Marie Spina Ruggiero Fine and Performing Arts Scholarship Seniors who plan to pursue fine or performing arts as a major field of study in college. 
Michael H Cohen Scholarship Fund Seniors pursuing advanced education in music and/or art.
MOHS Diamond Club Scholarship
  • Awarded to students attending a 2/4 year college or a Business/Trade School on a Full-Time basis.
  • Student must graduate this school year.
  • Attended Mt Olive High School and participated in the baseball program for a minimum of (2) full years.  Must have participated in their senior year of high school.
MOHS Parents Club Scholarship Seniors whose parents/guardians are members of the MOHS Parents Club. Parents must be members of the MOHS Parents Club for at least 2 years. Essay required, must be between 250 and 300 words.
MOHS Football Parents Association Scholarship Seniors who attended MOHS and participated in the football program for a minimum of 2 full years (must have participated in their senior year). Must plan to attend a 2 or 4 year school on a full time basis, or a business/trade school on a full time basis. Must be graduating this year. Please follow instructions in attached application. 
Mount Olive Soccer Club Jennifer L. Cialone Memorial Scholarship

Seniors who have actively participated in the Mount Olive Soccer Club for at least 3 years or 6 seasons, and who have met college entrance requirements.  Factors considered include: soccer involvement, academic standing, teacher (2) evaluations, extracurricular activities, community service/volunteer programs, and an essay.  This scholarship does not follow the same timeline as the other MOHS scholarships and requires that applications be mailed directly to the Mount Olive Soccer Club. *Due April 15th directly to address on application.  (NAME REQUIRED) See website for further details. 

Mt. Olive Administrators & Supervisors Association Scholarship Seniors who plan to major in education and who have demonstrated good citizenship and commitment to school and community.
Mount Olive Family Alumni Scholarship  Mother or father is a graduate of Mount Olive High School.
Mount Olive Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Senior who plans to major in business or a related field, and has demonstrated scholastic ability and community involvement.
Mount Olive Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #122 Scholarship Senior who is going to college for a career in public service (i.e. criminal justice, military, medical fields, or social service).  (NAME REQUIRED)
Mt. Olive Leo's Club Scholarship Must be a member of MOHS Leo's Club.  Applicant must also plan on continuing education after high school, be in the top third of the senior class, be active in community service, and have a financial need.
Mt. Olive Lions Club Scholarship

Seniors planning to further their education who are in the top 3rd of the senior class and involved in community service.  Financial need will be taken into account.


Mount Olive Mayor's Essay Scholarship

Open to all Mt. Olive High School seniors! Essay required about community service, see application.

*This scholarship follows a separate deadline. Must be submitted to mayor's office by May 10th.* (NAME REQUIRED)

Mt. Olive National Honor Society Scholarship Committed Senior NHS member in good standing who exemplifies service and leadership for the organization.

Mt. Olive National English Honor Society Scholarships

#1: Continuing Education Award

#2: NEHS Award

#3: Literary Service Award

Only seniors are eligible for these scholarships.  Please type all responses and include your NAME at the top of your entry. Also include the scholarship number for which you are applying.

Seniors may apply once for each scholarship if they choose and must be in good standing with the Mount Olive Chapter of NEHS in order to qualify. Below are the awards and the requirements:

#1: Continuing Education Awardsenior who will continue in a Humanities field in their post-secondary studies.  Applicants should write a 250-500 word essay in which they explain their future career goals and why it is important to study in a humanities field.

#2: NEHS Award- senior who has shown outstanding leadership within the Mount Olive Chapter of NEHS.  Applicants should write a 250-500 word essay in which they explain their contributions to NEHS and how working with NEHS has helped shape their leadership potential.

#3: Literary Service Award- senior who has designed and executed a service project, while a member of NEHS, that helps promote literacy in the school or local community.  Applicants should write a 250-500 word essay in which they explain their service project and how it helps spread literacy.  Mrs. Luettchau must be notified of all projects in advance of their running.  

Mt. Olive Township Police Athletic League Scholarship Senior who plans to enter a career in public service (i.e. criminal justice, military, medical fields, or social service).  (NAME REQUIRED)
The Nick Novaky Become Awesome Foundation Cash Award Senior who demonstrates integrity of values, honesty in behavior, tolerance for social diversity, and an inclination to be helpful to others.  See website for more information and for the application. *Please do not mail or email applications to address on site, bring them to guidance on April 10th*
Peace Aging Care Experts Scholarship Senior planning to study nursing or social work in college.
Ron Dunster Memorial Scholarship
  1. A current student in good standing of Mount Olive High School, Flanders NJ
  2. An active member of MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) team Loggerhead ROV
  3. Attending a two or four year accredited college in the upcoming 2019 Fall semester
  4. Completion of the Personal Statement
  5. Applications must be submitted by April 30th


*Application has separate timeline and application process than other local scholarships, make sure to follow website for instructions.

Russell A. Nagle Sports Scholarship

Senior who has lettered in at least one varsity sport (could be multiple), and is planning to attend a 2 or 4 year college, trade school, military, or vocational school. 
Thomas Shields Memorial Firefighters Scholarship Seniors who have demonstrated involvement with extracurricular activities and community service.  Grades and standardized test scores are considered, but all students are encouraged to apply. 
SDK Village Green LLC and SDK Foundation for Human Dignity Scholarship Seniors who have demonstrated merit, strong academics, and participation in community events. (NAME REQUIRED).

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