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PowerSchool Account Creation

1. Click on PowerSchool icon on the top of the high school's web page (www.mtoliveboe.org/mohs) or click here to access directly.

2. Click on Parent Portal Access.

3. If you are new to PowerSchool, you must create an account first. Scroll to the bottom of screen and click on "create account." (If you already have an account but need to add a child, add the child through the "account preferences" tab when you log in to your existing account.)

4. Top of screen (Create Parent Account): fill in all fields--you will create a username and password of your choosing.

5. Bottom of screen (Link Students to Account): Access ID = Guardian Username; Access Password = Guardian Password. Fill in all fields and click on "enter." One-time use codes are available through Guidance.

6. Now that you have created your account, you can sign in at the Parent Sign In screen (PowerSchool Icon, Parent Portal Access, Parent Sign In).


  • You can change your username and/or password via the "account preferences" tab.
  • Any information in blue font leads to more information. Please click on the blue grade for the quarter for each class to get a detailed list of assignments and grades. If the grade for an assignment is blue, click on it for a note from the teacher.
  • Please keep your username and password confidential.
  • If you would like e-alerts to go to multiple email addresses, you must follow these steps again to link your student's information to another account with the additional email address. (You will then have another username and password.) You will be able to log in for details from any account you create, but e-alerts will go to all email addresses.

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