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Last March 2017, Netflix ran a popular controversial series 13 Reasons Why.  The controversy predominately centered around promoting suicide as a solution to bullying.  The series also depicted other sensitive topics including rape.  No where in the series was it shared with youth watching that help is available.

This Friday, May 18th, Netflix will air 13 Reasons Why Season 2.  Topics will include bullying, cyber  bullying, another suicide attempt, a rape and a school shooting. 

Attached at the bottom of this page, please find parental resources for you to prepare should your child show interest in viewing the series. There is also a link below with some other helpful information.

13 Reasons Why: Considerations

This section will provide the viewer (Student, Parent, and Administrator/Staff) with current awareness and knowledge of issues regarding Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use, Violence Prevention and other significant Mental Health Issues.

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13 Reasons Why: Talking Points Download
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