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Fequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there group counseling? At the current time, group coounseling is offered on an "as needed" basis.

2. Where are the school district policies located? School District Policy Link: http://www.mtoliveboe.org/boe/districtPolicies.php 

3. What law is the ATOD Policy based on:  

  • STATUTES: NJSA 18A:40A-7 et seq.
  • FEDERAL REGULATION: "Drug-Free Schools and Campuses" 34 CFR 86
  • "Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records" 42 CFR –Part 2
  • Can a minor access the SAP for Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs services without parental notification?

4. Yes, unless a minor "lacks the capacity" to understand a disclosure release or when there is a threat to a person's well-being. (ref. NJSA 9:17A-4).

5. As the parent/guardian, what happens if I refuse to have my child tested?
Refusal or failure to comply with the provisions of NJSA 18A:40A-12 and NJAC 6A:16-4.3 shall be treated as a policy violation of the Compulsory Education Act, pursuant to NJSA 18A:38-25 and 31, and child neglect laws, pursuant to NJSA 9:6-1 et seq.

6. As a student, what happens if I refuse to be tested?
Refusal or failure to comply with the provisions of NJSA 18A:40A-12 and NJAC 6A:16-4.3 shall be treated by the district as a policy violation and handled in accordance with NJAC. 16-4.1( c )2.


Yes.      The SAP provides services to students from seven basic target groups:

  1.  Students administratively identified with "reasonable suspicion of being currently under the influence"
  2.  Students administratively identified as either the aggressor and/or victim of a Harrassment, Intimidation or Bullying incident.
  3.  Students who use/abuse alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
  4.  Students who are affected by the substance use of others; Chidren of Alcoholics or Drug Addicts
  5.  Recovering students
  6.  Non-using and non-abusing students to support their decision to remain substance-free
  7.  Students with other problems such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, coping with separation/divorce in the family, dating violence, self-injurious behavior, sexual abuse, STD's, suicidal, pregnancy, grief and loss, and general life transitions.

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