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All matters are handled with the highest degree of confidentiality and discretion. Federal Confidentiality Rules (42 CFR - Part 2) apply in all substance use or abuse referrals. Referral Source and specific comments are not revealed to other staff, students or parents without the appropriate Release of Confidentiality documentation. 

Please note:
Students who appear to be currently under the influence of a substance must be referred immediately to the Administration, as per the ATOD Policy. Staff are informed to phone security @7700 to request the student be escorted to the nurse's office. When security is not immediately available staff will phone the principal's secretary at 7101 to request the same.

Individual Counseling

Using a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapeutic (CBT) approach (a short-term problem-focused psychosocial intervention), this SAC serves as a Facilitator of a process that begins with a biopsychosocial assessment to determine: risk factors and level of risk; life skills deficiencies and life crisis' or event; and, individual needs. Motivational Interviewing, a specific CBT technique, is used to elicit student awareness of problem and readiness in acknowledging that change is necessary. A primary goal of this approach is to elicit from each student self-motivating statements to use to reinforce movement toward taking personal action toward becoming solution-focused; which may or may not include referral for other services.

Outside Consultation & Collaboration

At times, a student's problem may go beyond the scope of school-based services and the parents will be given options for a community-based or outside evaluation. This referral for outside-of-school services is designed to connect the parent(s)/guardian(s) and their child with community-based treatment options. While it is recognized that Managed Health Care often drives out-of school referral options, every effort will be made to support in-network services except in those instances that constitute a psychiatric emergency (Suicide or Self-Injury Policy) or a violation of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Policy.

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