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Services: Prevention


Jacqueline Skutka MA, SAC, LAC
MOHS's Substance Awareness Coordinator (S.A.C.)
Phone #: 973-927-2208 ext. 7304

The goal of prevention programs is to reinforce the development of appropriate decision-making and problem solving skills while reducing the likelihood that students will become involved in self-destructive behaviors including alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.


  • ATOD K-12
  • SDM/PS K-12

Intervention & Referral Services and CORE TEAM (I & RS: ACCESS)

Rose Tomeo-Rehm MA, CSAC
MOHS's Substance Awareness Coordinator (SAC)
Phone #: 973-927-2208 ext. 7304

In-School Consultation & Collaboration

Consultation for Direct Services and Collaboration with the ACCESS Committee (Academic Collaborative Committee Empowering Students, Staff & Parents); A building-based problem solving group offering varied expertise in order to develop strategies to facilitate student success.

Through the collection and analysis of data, all Team members reflect and agree upon the nature of the problem(s), the objectives for behavioral improvement and the preferred solutions and follow-up plans. Team Members, as well as the SAC may be responsible for implementing portions of the ACCESS Action Plan, and/or involve the parent/guardian, other school personnel or resources and/or community resources to aid in its implementation, as appropriate. The Team and the SAC engage in a pure form of collaboration to maximize all opportunities for the student to achieve academic, mental health and behavioral success.

When the behavior of concern is alcohol and other drug related, the intervention function of a CORE TEAM, operating under the Student Assistance Program, is activated. Information shared with the ACCESS Team under this umbrella is limited to whom it can be shared with by federal confidentiality law.

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