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Compass Learning:  Compass Odyssey software programming provides students with animated, video-based lessons for all Mount Olive math and language arts lessons grades K – 12.   To access, use student ID and password.

MindPlay:  The MindPlay program is designed to strengthen reading skills through video-based lessons in phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, reading comprehension, eye tracking exercises, and grammar and word meaning lessons.  To access, students use their school ID's and passwords.

Renzulli:  Renzulli programming is designed for the district's elementary GT students.  The can access the language arts program using their password and ID

Razz Kids:  The Razz Kids program supports K-2 reading.  Students can use the interesting assignments to bolster their language arts and reading skills.  Students access with their ID and password.

ThinkCentral:  ThinkCentral software supports Mount Olive's new math adoption, Math in Focus.  The software helps to explain through demonstrations, videos, and animations the "Singapore Math" approach to learn mathematics.  Students in grade K-8 can access using their ID and password.

Discovery Education:  Discovery Education programming offers an immense library of amazing videos for students to use to explore science and social studies.  To access, students use their student ID and password.

Edutyping:  The Edutyping program is a software-based keyboarding (typing) skills program designed to teach beginners how to use a computer keyboard.  All students can access with their student ID and password.

Study Island:  The Study island program provides students with language arts, and math lessons and quizzes designed to strengthen fundamental skills.  Students use their ID and passwords to access.

Rosetta Stone:  The Rosetta Stone program is designed to teach students how to speak a foreign language.  Mount Olive schools offers Rosetta programming in French, Spanish, and English.  Mount Olive High School students can access with their student ID and password.

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