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As a nation we have become more attuned to the security and safety needs of our school. While education remains a priority for Mount Olive Middle School and the Mount Olive Township School District, we continually review, refine and improve our efforts to maintain the type of safe school that we expect and that you, the student, deserve.

Certainly a school staff must take the lead in providing for a safe school, however, as student, you are sometimes in an even better position to recognize and monitor the actions of classmates that could be detrimental to themselves or others. Listed below are a number of features that are in place at Mount Olive Middle School to provide for the safest of all possible learning environments. It is important that all students feel safe while at school and at school activities. Please take the time to familiarize yourelf with these measures. In addition, we are always open to suggestions for improvement.


  • Video cameras on some buses
  • PA sytem
  • Fire drills
  • Student agendas
  • Discipline procedures
  • Anti-harassment policies
  • Posted rules in each classroom
  • Visitor check-in procedures
  • Telephones and intercoms in each classroom
  • Staff and student identification badges
  • School Resource Office assigned to school
  • An Emergency Management Plan
  • Peer Mediators and conflict resolution teams
  • Two way radios for all critical staff
  • Emergency response training for staff
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Classroom door locks activated from inside
  • Go Box containing all necessary records nd procedures for crisis situations.
  • Lockdown procedures and drills
  • Outside doors are labeled and numbered
  • Star-chairs with training of staff
  • Bi-monthy fire drills and attendance procedures, trained personnel to help SAC, 3
  • Guidance Counselors, 2 nurses, 3 administrators and all teachers, aides and staff
  • Early dismissal procedures in the event of inclement weather or crisis.
  • Crisis Committee
  • Security Personnel
  • Delivery check-in procedure
  • Security warning alarm system to main office
  • Supervision at all school sponsored events
  • Security cameras - outside and inside
  • Security entrance Buzz-in System
  • Anti-bullying/harassment program presented to all members of the school community
  • Automated phone call system to parents
  • Assigned Front Parking lot spaces
  • Front driveway closed off after arrival
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