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Middle school can be both a challenging and exciting time for students and their parents or guardians. To foster greater fulfillment and success in middle school, specially trained counselors are available to work with students in a variety of areas. These include  (but are not limited to)  solving conflicts, managing stress/anxiety, making and keeping friends, coping successfully with significant life changes, improving social skills, and more.

Each grade level at Mount Olive Middle School has its own school counselor. Beginning in grade 6, a class will be introduced to their specific counselor. That counselor will follow them through to graduation. This enables counselors to truly get to know the students and families they serve.

Counselors for 2018-19 are:

Don Einreinhofer, Grade 6 counselor – Ext. 5306. deinreinhofer@mtoliveboe.org

Bill Blender, Grade 7 counselor –  Ext. 5307. wblender@mtoliveboe.org

Vicki Cavaleri, Grade 8 counselor – Ext. 5308. vcavaleri@mtoliveboe.org

In addition to the grade specific counselor, the middle school also utilizes Student Assistance Counselors. The primary goal of the SAC counselor is to work with students and families on socio-emotional issues that may prevent academic success. Our SAC counselors are Megan Troup and Vitina Krentz. Ms. Troup also serves as the school's Anti-Bullying Specialist.

Megan Troup. Ext. 5304. mtroup@mtoliveboe.org

Vitina Krentz, Ext. 5305. vkrentz@mtoliveboe.org

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