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Borrowing Privileges:
Students may borrow up to three books at a time. Books and magazines may be borrowed for two  weeks. All library materials can be renewed, provided that there are no reserves on the materials.  Reference books, software, and reserved books may not be borrowed for home use because so many people come to the media center each day to use these items.

Overdue Materials:
When an item becomes overdue, students will be sent an overdue slip notifying them of the problem.  Upon receiving a notice, students should talk to the media specialist if the book in question was returned, lost or damaged.  If a student chooses to ignore the notice for several weeks, library privileges may be revoked.

Reserving Materials:
To reserve a book or magazine that is currently circulating, fill out a green reserve slip and give it to the media specialist. As soon as the book or magazine you've asked for comes in, the media specialist will notify you.  You will then have three days to pick up the book or magazine.

Lost or Damaged Materials:
Please notify the media specialist as soon as possible if you have misplaced your library books.  You'll be given a list of places to look. If you check all of those places and still haven't found the book, we'll wait about a month to see if the book turns up. If it does not, you will be charged for the replacement cost of the lost book.  Damaged materials should also be brought to the media specialist's attention as soon as possible.

Project materials:
Pencils, paper, crayons, markers, rulers, and glue can be found at the student workstation.  Students are welcome to help themselves provided they return the items they borrow.

For more information on library services, procedures, materials, and programs, please visit, http://www.momslibrary.com

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