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A new way of seeing and learning

posted: Thu, Oct 26th, 2017

Imagine learning about the solar system by flying through it.

Or learning about Leonardo DaVinci’s incredible inventions by being able to go in them and see how the individual parts function. 

Or learning about volcanoes by actually going inside one. 

This is Google Augmented Reality, a 3D platform that brings the world into the classroom. Eighth-grade students and teachers at Mount Olive Middle School recently had an opportunity to experience it for the first time, and the reviews give it a big thumbs-up.

Augmented reality puts computer-generated images and text onto camera views from cellphones, tablets, and other electronic screens. So you can be looking at a view of your living room from the camera of your iPhone and also see dinosaurs that you can walk up to. Or see a human heart beating above your sofa.

Eighth-grade science classes met in the school library for the hands-on demonstration. Using cellphones and selfie sticks provided by Google representatives, the students and teachers checked out the virtual objects that were placed throughout the room. They could go around, under, above, and inside almost everything. All of the examples mentioned earlier were there, and more.

For students, the demonstration brought to life some of the subjects they’ve studied in the past or will study later this year.

For teachers, it was an opportunity to see a new instructional technology.

“Seeing the augmented reality first-hand allowed us to evaluate its instructional effectiveness and also see how kids interact with it,” said Rebecca Kreider, the MOMS science and technology teacher who coordinated the demonstration. “We asked ourselves, Is it beneficial and how can we use it in what we do?”

Google provided 40 cellphones and selfie sticks for the demonstration.

The eighth-graders filled out surveys which asked their opinions about the technology’s helpfulness in learning and about the technology’s ease of use.

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