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Full-day K referendum

posted: Thu, Sep 8th, 2016

The plan to offer full-day kindergarten for the first time in Mount Olive history has been finalized by the Board of Education and accepted by the New Jersey Department of Education. The vote is set for Tuesday, September 27. 

The Full-Day K Plan:

  • will better prepare students for first grade and beyond – educationally, emotionally, and socially

  • calls for the construction of 14 classrooms at Sandshore Elementary School

  • will more evenly distribute the numbers of students at the district’s elementary schools

  • is divided into two propositions on the ballot – Proposition #1 authorizes the district to build the 14 classroom addition at Sandshore; Proposition #2 authorizes the district to include in its annual budget the money ($808,000) to pay the extra teaching staff that will be needed

  • will annually cost the average home approximately $92.50 when the two propositions are combined

  • will only move forward if BOTH propositions are approved

  • spreads the $6.65 million construction cost of the 14-classroom addition over 15 years 


Architect's renderings showing the proposed 14-classroom addition

Front view of Sandshore Elementary School with the proposed classroom addition highlighted in red
Rear view of Sandshore with the proposed addition highlighted

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