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Musical wins award before it opens

posted: Wed, May 30th, 2018

‘Mary Poppins’ will be presented May 17–May 19 

You know you’ve got a great show on your hands when it wins an award a full month before opening night.

The MOMS production of “Mary Poppins” took home the Best Ensemble award at the Bucks County Playhouse’s Student Theater Festival. The cast performed a medley of songs for the judges, including a razzle-dazzle production number, “Steppin' Time.” The high energy setpiece features nearly three dozen students singing and tapdancing with prop chimney brooms.

To prepare for the Bucks performance, the students worked six days a week for two months. That’s a testimony not only to the sophistication and precision of the dance number, but also to the complexity of the show itself. (Yes, there will be flying!) 

“I have always loved the movie ‘Mary Poppins,’” said Chris Bosch, show director and MOHS special education teacher. “I wanted a chance to put my own vision into this timeless story. I knew it would be a challenge, but I was sure these fantastic kids and staff members would be up for it. Nothing worth anything is ever easy to get.” 

“Mary Poppins” will be presented on May 17–May 19 with a live orchestra under the direction of music teacher Ken Adessa. 

Set in London, “Mary Poppins” tells the tale of the Banks family and the new nanny that takes the Banks children on a series of magical, life-changing adventures. The musical is a theatrical version of the 1964 Disney classic and the book from which the film is based.  

In the MOMS production, eighth-grader Karley Sapio portrays the title character. The play also features Tyler Hamlett, William Kadus, Ava Lofgren, Alexa Yudoff, Brendan Blazier, Marissa Coyle, Ricci Granberg, Shayna Wilson, Jacob McCreery, and Savannah Barr. In total, more than 100 students are involved in the cast and crew.

Bucks County Playhouse, located in New Hope, Pennsylvania, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its student theater festival this year.

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