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New and revised courses coming in September

posted: Tue, May 30th, 2017

The upcoming school year will introduce new and revised courses that will allow students to explore a variety of interests:

Debate & Argument: Grade 6
The course centers around small group learning experiences and teaching students how to develop persuasive arguments.

Digital Movie Making: Grade 8
This visual communication class will build on the knowledge that students have gained in Graphics (sixth grade) and Digital Photography (seventh grade). Eighth-graders will learn how to use modern equipment and the basics of the digital movie-making process.

(Revised) Fitness and Wellness: 6-8
The class focuses on health education in today's world.

Food Cultures: 6-8
Students will enter sixth grade taking Introduction to Foods and progress through their middle school experience with Food Cultures. The course will examine differences in food selections around the world as well as contemporary issues such as famine and the world food production market.

Innovation & Design: 6-8
Innovation & Design will provide students with hands-on learning of STEAM concepts. Classes will be held in a new STEAM lab that will be created this summer in what is now the woodshop space.

(Revised) Intro to STEAM: 6
A technology class to excite the sixth-graders' passion for STEAM. 

Performing Arts: 6-8
This class will include much of the previous general music curriculum but also incorporate all performing arts, not just music. This could include, for example, improvisational comedy and class skits focused around contemporary issues.

Project Impact: 8
Students will have 6 PIllars of Character in sixth grade, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens in seventh grade, and Project Impact in 8th grade. Project Impact will have a culminating project that includes working in groups to research a local issue and designing and implementing solutions.

Surviving Natural Disasters: 7 
Capitalizing on students' inherent interest in their natural surroundings, this course will help students understand why certain areas of the world are more prone to natural disasters and the impact those events can have on the environment, wild life, infrastructure, economy, geography, and lives of the people affected. Students will also learn personal preparations they can take if faced with a natural disaster. 

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