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posted: Wed, Sep 21st, 2016

Music teacher Steve Thompson plays the guitar in the cafeteria

Rock 'n' roll is coming to MOMS in a big way. The school is starting a Rock 'n' Roll Academy to be run as a class for eighth-graders and as an afterschool club for students of all grades. 

Taught by music teacher Steve Thompson, the program is designed to hone the skills of students that play instruments not typically found in traditional school ensembles (e.g., concert band, orchestra, chorus).

"Students who play instruments like the guitar rarely get a chance to play in band at school," said Mr. Thompson. "This is the class for those kids. My goal is to inspire my students to develop a lifelong love of music. Playing in a rock band is what inspired me to love music, so I would like to help the next generation of rock musicians to find that same passion."

In the program, students will learn a variety of songs that span the 50 years of rock music, both classic and contemporary. To kick off the program, Mr. Thompson and music teachers Ken Adessa (drums), Melany McQueeny (keyboard), and Joanna Scarangello (vocal) performed "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey during several lunch periods.

It's expected that the class and the club will each have six to 10 students. 

The MOMS Rock 'n' Roll Academy is a partner program to the Rock 'n' Roll Academy begun at the high school that takes advantage of the new audio production studio there. MOMS rock 'n' rollers will have a chance to record a few songs in the studio later in the school year. And, as the two programs develop, rock concerts just for rock academy students will be set up.

Members of the high school academy will be opening for the production of the rock opera, "Tommy," which will be performed on October 8 by popular Who tribute band "Who's Next."


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