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Student council election held

posted: Sat, Nov 5th, 2016

Michael Mora, Brianna Lischy, Gabby Herman, and Kayla Contorno

While the nation is gripped with the upcoming presidential election, Mount Olive Middle School recently focused on its own. The election for student council officers was held during the week of October 28. Eighth-graders Michael Mora and Brianna Lischy were elected as president and vice president, respectively; Kayla Contorno was elected as the council secretary; and Gabby Herman was elected as treasurer.

Council elections at MOMS are serious matters. They have to be. With about 100 members, the council is the largest and most active student group in the school. Organization and leadership are critical. The president, with the help of the vice president, actually runs the council meetings and presides over the numerous subcommittees responsible for things such as planning school dances, spirit week, and staff appreciation efforts.

"Being a class officer is a great way for kids to learn how to be leaders," said math teacher Steve Leonard, who serves as a council advisor with Gina Heineman and Susan Zaremba. "And it prepares them for activities and leadership positions at the high school."

MOMS students voted online during their social studies classes using the website electionbuddy.com. To ensure the integrity of the election, each student was given a unique 16-digit key number to enter on the site before being able to vote. With more than 1,000 students voting out of about 1,100 that were eligible, the participation rate was approximately 93%.

The general members of student council are students who have been elected as homeroom representatives this year or in years past. To be eligible to run for student council leadership, a student must be in eighth grade, turn in a petition signed by 30 eighth-graders, and have two teachers write character references.

Candidates for president and vice president ran in pairs and each ticket was given a minute during morning announcements to make a positive campaign speech. Candidates for all offices also campaigned by creating and displaying election posters that were hung in the cafeteria.

This year, there were five pairs of presidential and vice presidential candidates, seven candidates for secretary, and six for treasurer.

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