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Students from China spend a week at MOMS

posted: Mon, Feb 20th, 2017

Four students from southern China's Nanning Yucai Experimental School recently spent a week attending classes at MOMS. The seventh- graders lived with host families of MOMS kids and experienced life as typical American students. 

Besides the differing types of food, the cultural differences for the Nanning students and the two teachers that accompanied them were fairly insignificant. (Nanning is a large city of seven million people located about 125 miles from the Vietnam border.) The experience, however, was an eye-opening lesson in just how different education is here compared with their native country.

In most of China, instruction is delivered primarily through informational lectures conducted in large rooms with 50 or more students. The interaction between teachers and students is limited. Mount Olive, and MOMS in particular, exemplify a modern U.S. approach to education that is interactive and hands on, and encourages students to apply what they have learned.

"[In China] students have to be good at memorization but here teachers encourage students to think," said Nanning Yucai teacher Emily Liu. "You can teach students to be creative and use their knowledge."

The Nanning visitors also toured Mount Olive High School and were impressed with the variety of courses, athletics, and extracurricular activities. 

"It feels like a college," said Nanning student Xin Yu Qi, who saw 3-D printers for the first time in the school's 3-D printing lab. "I loved the robots and the t.v. production area. In China, it's only theory and here it's hands-on."

Five ninth- and tenth-graders from Nanning Yucai also spent a week at MOHS.

The visits come as the district prepares to begin an international education program in September. Up to 30 students from China will complete their senior year of high school at MOHS during the 2017-18 school year. 

MOMS science teacher Katelin Riggs coordinated the middle school visit.

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