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posted: Mon, Dec 17th, 2018

Melissa Soriano works on a stacking puzzle 

ShopRite visitors engage kids with math games 

Educational consultants from ShopRite recently visited Mountain View third-grade classes as part of Young Consumers, a program begun years ago as a joint venture between the district and Ronetco ShopRite supermarkets. Young Consumers combines math and nutritional information in a fun and unique way. It strengthens students’ math, spatial, and logical reasoning skills. It also teaches kids to apply their understanding of these concepts both inside and outside the classroom walls in practical, real world situations.

You often hear the words “real world” or “real life” used in education. There’s good reason for that: When students can make the link between classroom learning and everyday living, the subject matter takes on a greater relevance. This leads to a stronger understanding and retention of the material.

The educational consultants from ShopRite engaged the third-graders in a number of hands-on activities. Students solved multiplication and division problems by using plastic pizza pies and worked on spatial reasoning puzzles using plastic pretzels and wood pancakes. (The use of learning manipulatives – concrete objects that can be used in problem-solving activities – is a key element of the Young Consumers program.)

Later on in the program, students will also learn about nutrition and the food pyramid from a ShopRite nutritional expert. This information, along with the math skills they’ve learned, will be put together and used in the program’s culminating activity: a field trip to ShopRite in Flanders on March 13. The students will work in teams that day, with each team challenged to create a healthy three-day menu for a family of four using a budget of $100. 

The school district and Ronetco ShopRite was honored for this program by the New Jersey Association of Partners in Education and the New Jersey Association of School Administrators.

Food drive benefits the Mount Olive Food Pantry

Nearly 450 pounds of food was recently donated by Mountain View students, parents, and staff members to the Mount Olive Food Pantry. The drive was held before Thanksgiving but representatives from the pantry requested that the food be donated in December for the holiday season.

“The generosity of our school community never ceases to amaze me,” said school counselor Kate Devins who coordinated the drive. “Thank you to everyone for participating.”

Members from Cub Scouts Pack 747 transferred the food from the school to the pantry. They were den leader Ryan Cahili and scouts Lucas Bartow, Radley Cahili, Rocco Gallo, and Nicholas Jacobson. Cub Scout parent Elizabeth Gallo spearheaded this community service project for the troop.  

Mountain View security officer Keith Boryeskne weighed the food.

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