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posted: Fri, Apr 19th, 2019

Famous figures visit Sandshore cafeteria

History recently came alive at Sandshore when the fourth grade presented a living “wax” museum – an experience far more informative than trekking into NYC to see the lifeless figures at Madame Tussaud’s. Students in costume appeared as famous contemporary and historical figures, informing museum visitors about their alter egos' contributions to the worlds of science, human rights, the environment, sports, politics, entertainment, art, and literature. 

At the touch of a button in front of each display, a motionless young performer sprang to life and delivered a short informational speech to parents and visiting staff members. While the speeches were brief, there was so much learning that went on behind the scenes.

The event was the culmination of weeks of reading, research, and writing. Each fourth-grader read a biography about a famous figure that he or she was interested in, then used a graphic organizer to compile important events in that person’s life. That information was used to create a biographical summary and then further distilled down to a speech of two minutes or less that could be easily memorized.

The students also applied what they had learned by creating informational boards for their museum displays.

Most students studied and portrayed famous figures that they felt personally connected to or admired. Among the luminaries chosen were Susan B. Anthony, Neil Armstrong, Maya Angelou, Lucille Ball, Walt Disney, King Tut, Mozart, Princess Diana, and the Wright Brothers.





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