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posted: Sun, Dec 16th, 2018

A winter wonderland

Sandshore has again partnered with the Johnson Dodge car dealership in Budd Lake to make Christmas merry for area kids. The school collected new unwrapped toys for several weeks for Morris County families in need. Johnson Dodge transported the toys from Sandshore to a distribution center where parents could select toys for their children.

“When students bring down toys, I always thank them and explain why we are so grateful for their donation,” said Elena Melekos, school counselor. “It’s important that they understand why they are bringing in a donation. It gives them a warm feeling inside to be doing a good deed.”

The school also collected toys especially for Sandshore families that could use a helping hand.

On-screen Connor Purtill is held by real-life Connor Purtill

Flipping for Flip Grid

Fourth- and fifth-graders are flipping for Flipgrid. Roberta Giusto, library media specialist, introduced the educational video platform to them this year.

Flipgrid is a cross between Google Classroom and YouTube. Students and educators can share and comment on each other’s videos. Teachers moderate the work of their kids so that it is a safe and informative – and fun – digital space for learning and communicating.

Over the course of several classes, the students worked in teams to research a topic that was of personal interest to them. The Salem witch trials, the megalodon shark (the largest marine predator to ever live), the Challenger disaster, and mummies were some of the topics. 

Then, using cameras on the library’s Chromebooks, the students recorded themselves presenting what they had learned in their research. The videos were edited right on Flipgrid and enhanced with a variety of effects and emojis. When finished, each was about two minutes long. 

“They enjoyed working with partners and are so excited to use Flipgrid,” said Mrs. Giusto. “They’d be scared to do a presentation in front of the class, but here it’s digital and they can redo it as many times as they want. Having them verbalize what they’ve learned is so important.”

The work of each class has been restricted so that it can only be seen by the class’ students and their parents. Before anything is posted, Mrs. Giusto reviews and approves the content. Students can leave comments and communicate with other classmates through Flipgrid, too. Mrs. Giusto also uses it to make suggestions on works in progress.

The project reinforces the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for fourth-grade and fifth-grade which include standards for listening and speaking.

The Flipgrid platform has many different features. It also allows classes to connect with others around the world.

Connor Purtill, left, and Dylan Louie, right, get some help from Roberta Giusto

Holiday shopping 

They made their lists and checked them twice

Sandshore students recently went shopping for the holiday season right in the school gymnasium. The Sandshore Home School Partnership, the school's parent-teacher organization, hosted its annual holiday shopping event which provided the opportunity for kids to buy something for everyone on their lists. 

Piggy banks, cutting boards, mugs, baseball penants, back scratchers, and lollipops were just some of the items available. Most prices ranged from 25 cents to $10.50.

Above, Nanki Kaur hold a Christmas tree; below, Danielle Cabsaba contemplates a purchase 

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